The Patch Forward Prize recognizes that strategic collaboration and partnership will be essential to develop microneedle patch-based RNA vaccines. The prize team will help facilitate collaboration between interested patch makers and vaccine developers using information submitted through this page.

Looking to collaborate on the future of vaccines?

Who should complete this form?

Entities interested in any stage of the Patch Forward Prize and looking for collaborators should complete this form. Prospective entrants may intend to enter the prize directly, or choose to combine their organization’s technology or expertise with another entrant. This form lets organizations show what kinds of partners they want to work with on a Patch Forward Prize submission.

How will my information be shared?

Use this form to specify the types of organizations that can access your contact information. The personal contact information submitted with this form will be listed as the primary contact for your organization on lists curated based on the specific technology or service categories listed in the form. The Patch Forward Prize team will share these lists with other entities on a regular basis to help facilitate partnering.

For any questions, please email

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